These 5 Work From Home Investments Can Save Your Business Money

Essential and cost effective equipment for online freelancers, teachers, and tutors who are setting up a space for remote work and virtual learning.

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Working from home relies heavily on technology...but is technology something we can rely on?

Some online companies have tight policies when it comes to being late or absent to appointments, meetings, or classes. While some clients may be understanding, others may request refunds or leave a negative comment. Fees and penalties are put in place to better secure the companies positive reputation. As an independent worker, you may want to consider what you can offer in the case you are unable to fulfill your agreement. You more than likely experience unforeseen or external issues, but there are some measurements we can take to minimize our loss.

Check out these 5 investments that can save your teaching business money…

1. Generators/ Power Banks

⛈ Climate Storms and power outages can last anywhere from few hours, or a several days. An investment in even a power bank could save you at least a few classes.

🔋Emergency Supply Get a back-up power supply for phones, laptops, and most importantly your internet modem. Have your back up energy charged to keep appointments you would have otherwise had to cancel or refund.