What You Should Know About Web Hosting


Web hosts abound and unfortunately for business owners, a lot of these companies are making nearly identical claims about their services. With 99.9 percent uptime guarantees, competitive prices, and numerous offers for unlimited email accounts, it can be very difficult to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the best provider for your needs. Fortunately, there are three factors that can make this decision significantly easier.

Options In Customer Support

It is generally best to work with a web hosting service that has at least three options in customer support. These can include phone support, online chat support, and email inquiries. Companies that go above and beyond in this area often have massive, online libraries that are filled with free, informational resources as well. Hosting services that have just one or two ways for their customers to get in contact with them tend to be notoriously slow at responding to questions and service requests. In addition to finding multiple avenues for connecting with support personnel, you also want to make sure that a host has been rated well by other consumers for this specific area of service.

Solid-State Drives Vs. Hard Disk Drives

One of the easiest hosting features for most business owners to understand is storage. This is something that many hosting companies promise to provide an unlimited amount of, and at a fixed cost. Even though this isn’t actually possible, it’s incredibly rare for small businesses to ever even near the actual limits of a host’s capabilities in this area. One thing that you do want to find when choosing a hosting company are solid-state drives or SSDs. These tend to be far more reliable and significantly faster than conventional, hard disk drives. Although SSDs are definitely a bit more costly than hard disk drives, the increased reliability and speeds will make this extra spending more than worthwhile.

Domain Registration

While the general services provided by a web host tend to get lumped together with domain name registration, these are actually two, distinctly different services. The domain name is the address for your website, and you can register this and have it hosted by a company other than the one that will be hosting the actual files for your site. To keep things as simple as possible, you might want to choose a service provider that will allow you to keep each one of your hosting resources in a single account. Moreover, you should additionally shop for a host that offers free migrations and transfers. Another feature to look for when considering the available options in domain registration is the ability get your first year free for any addresses that are newly registered.

By considering these three factors when choosing a hosting company, you can easily whittle down the available selection. With support services that are accessible via multiple channels, high-value domain registration discounts, and access to solid-state drives, you can get the best in reliability, speeds, and knowledgeable assistance. Although there are certainly other factors that are worth considering, these things serve as an excellent starting point for identifying desirable providers.

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