The Importance of a Quality Website for Your Home Business


Adobe recently published a report that is a must read for anybody with a home business. In the findings, they study online U.S. consumer behavior. One theme that kept popping up is the importance of a quality website. One shocking number was that 38% of site visitors will stop interacting with a website if the design layout is unattractive. In a world that is becoming increasingly harder to please when it comes to all things digital, it is imperative that every business owner pays close attention to what their website is conveying.

Included in this report is the importance of how your website displays on all devices. A couple of years ago, responsive web design was popularized, which is a feature that allows your desktop website to display correctly across multiple devices. This is important since most mobile visitors to your website will leave if it does not load in three seconds. This means you have less than three seconds to catch a potential converter. But the job doesn’t stop there, you have to keep them there, too.

Your Website is Your Business Card

Nowadays, your website is your business card. It’s not enough just to have a good business, you also need to convey your expertise in an appealing fashion. A common pitfall that people slip into when designing their website is they make the content too long. According to the Adobe report, 38% of people will stop engaging with your site if the content is too wordy. Remember, your small business website should act as your calling card, not a catch all for people to know everything there is to know about you. The experts at M&R Marketing Group state, “Having a business card has been necessary for years and years. Websites have become just as necessary.”

The Perks of a Good Website

Global Resources Business Reviews suggests that a website is a relatively inexpensive way to reach a potentially large demographic, for many who operate their business from home. The only thing worse than not reaching a lot of people is reaching them with a poorly designed, underperforming website. If the report from Adobe teaches us anything, it’s that the website is the new calling card. With only 15 minutes to consume content, 66% would prefer to view something beautifully designed vs. simple and plain. It’s time that home business owners pay close attention to how their website looks and operates.

While the Adobe report is enlightening, the numbers are no surprise. As the speed of digital surfing increases and attention spans go down, a quality website can be the make or break for many people operating a home business.

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