The Growing Business of Used Fire Equipment

Fire Equipment

Buying used items is not a new concept. People have been having garage sales for decades and there are more used cars sold then new, especially in this shaky economy. The business of buying someone else’s belongings is long-established, but few people believe that’s true for emergency equipment. 
Many people don’t like the idea of hand-me-down emergency equipment being used on them, but new refurbishment methods and the increased difficulty for emergency services to receive proper funding have made it a booming business.

New vs. Used

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How many people balk at buying a used car? There are thousands bought and sold every year through dealerships, online and face-to-face. Would people like to buy a brand new car? Yes, but it is financially out of reach for many people. It’s the same way with used emergency equipment such as fire trucks. Fire department would love nothing more than to buy a brand new fire truck when it’s needed, but financially that has become difficult through the years.

With a shaky economy and costs surpassing revenue, it’s difficult for some fire department to gain the much needed revenue. They are dependent on municipal budgets and those have been dwindling every year. 

They must seek a new way to get the items they need and the used emergency equipment business is a great solution. These used units are not defective. They are not junkers that need to be thrown away. They are simply items that have outlived their usefulness and the companies provide used fire trucks for sale. It could be the company needs something larger or equipment that is more advanced.

The machines are perfectly viable, but do have some wear and tear. The company that purchases them works diligently to repair any problems and to make sure 100 percent usable. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency grants are available to purchase this equipment.

Benefits of Used Equipment

Perhaps the biggest benefit of choosing a used piece of equipment is cost. As it is not new, the price of the equipment is substantially lower. Depending on the age and use, the company provide a warranty on it as well. This makes the equipment affordable for the fire departments.

The other major benefit is that is gives a second life to the equipment. The trucks aren’t sent to a junk heap and instead have the opportunity to continue doing good. The equipment can last for several years before needing replacing and, when selling it, the municipality or fire department gets a fiscal boost. It’s a win-win for everyone. There are many websites such as that can show you the wide variety of items available.

The firemen and women of this country need and require the best equipment available. While buying used isn’t ideal, it is a way for them to continue to save lives using quality equipment. It’s a win for the fire department. It’s a win for the municipality. It’s a win for the people.



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