Spring Team Building At The Office

Spring Team Building At The Office

UntitledNothing brings people together like having fun. Offices can get stuck in routines very quickly and that usually has a negative effect on employees who need something different to boost morale every now and then. However, Team Building is not a one-size-fits-all endeavour, and while fresh ideas are great, they are easy to run out of when you and your colleagues are busy with a million other things to do. So how do you keep it simple and make life fun but easy? You keep it seasonal.

Spring is a wonderful time of year. People start to come out of hibernation mode and get more involved in things. The days begin getting longer and in a welcome change from the dark nights of the previous season, everyone finds themselves going to and from work in daylight. Yes, spring lets everyone know that the long fun-filled days of summer are just around the bend. That said, spring still has its fair share of cold days and April Showers which can dampen the spirits, especially if they are watched through the windows when you are having a long day at the office. A longing for laidback summertime sunshine and individually damp spirits can often end up bringing an entire team’s spirits down which is bad for both morale and productivity. It is important to make a conscious effort when it comes to improving morale within teams and the office in general. The best way to do this is to encourage communication, motivation and a positive environment through Team Building.

Team Building methods range from big events like Corporate Fun Days to smaller ice breaker activities but you can also build your team on a daily basis in the office. The smallest offering can make the biggest difference; for example, offering to do a round of teas and coffees for the team can lift spirits instantly. You can also get everyone smiling by getting the team (or the office) involved in fun activities on a regular basis, especially if those activities are themed to coincide with popular awareness and celebratory days of the year. Below are some ideas for office-based Team Building events in the spring.

Spring: March – May


  • Saint David’s Day- 1st March
  • Put bunches of daffodils around the place
  • Have a “Best Leek Dish” cook-off
  • Fill the office playlist with a selection of the best Welsh bands and artists out there
  • Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday)– between 3rd February – 9th March
  • Have a pancake breakfast as a team, go out if you can or feast at your desks
  • Have a pancake flip contest, all you need is a cold skillet, store-bought crepes and willing contestants
  • Saint Patrick’s Day – 17th March
  • Wear Ireland’s national colour (green) all day
  • Fill the playlist with Irish hits from the last five decades
  • International Day of Happiness – 20th March
  • Do things to make people happy; tell jokes, make the tea, help with the filing
  • Have a lunchtime comedy festival, either with staff doing stand-up or by broadcasting Youtube clips of everyone’s favourite comedians


  • April Fool’s Day -1st April
  • Have fun by playing (kind) pranks on each other
  • Make it a friendly competition with teams playing against each other to call one another’s bluffs in a Would I Lie To You format
  • World Health Day -7th April
  • Healthy team lunches with everyone bringing their own healthy dish (think, orange juice, granola, porridge)
  • Do something healthy like have a team sports’ event (cricket, rounders, 5-a-side football or even a communal Zumba session!)
  • Live a healthier lifestyle all week with the support of your team
  • Easter between -between 20th March and 23rd April
  • Do an office Easter egg hunt
  • Nominate someone to dress up as the Easter bunny and hand out chocolate eggs
  • Donate Easter eggs to a local children’s group or hospital
  • Saint George’s Day -23rd April
  • Celebrate all things British with tea, scones and a lunchtime cricket match
  • Fill up the office playlist with some of the best English artists and bands
  • Get everybody to wear red and white


  • May Day – 1st May
  • Bring back the old tradition of May Baskets (filled with small sweets and/or flowers) and in the same style as a Secret Santa, leave them anonymously on colleagues desks
  • National Smile Month
  • This one is easy – smile! At everyone. Even if they don’t smile back
  • Every Monday ask everyone to write something that will make people smile on a post-it then ask them to leave their post-it notes in various random locations around the office for people to find and smile at throughout the week
  • Star Wars Day -4th May
  • Dress up in Star Wars style costumes (home-made for extra fun!), you can have one team as the Dark Side, another as the Jedi and another as Ewoks etc. Or you could hold a competition for the “best dressed” team with a Yoda, a Chewy, a C3PO, a Luke, Leia and Obi on each

You and your workplace can celebrate as many of these days as you like, but try to celebrate at least one per month. It can be a pleasant release to have a bit of fun at work and getting everyone involved with interesting activities can boost productivity and positivity in the office. So whether you opt for whole company Team Building events or you and your team choose to dress up as Yoda and co, just make sure you do something to bring the team closer together and brighten up the office.


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