Personal Loans – Explaining Secured and Unsecured Personal Loans

Personal Loans

Most of the people take loans to full fill their needs. A person cannot save a large amount to purchase costly thing so they take loans for it. These purchases can be like car, house and many more. Many a times some emergencies land up which makes it difficult for you to manage your finances. There can be needs which can be as small as the urgent utility bill payments or something as critical as the payment of the credit card debts. It can be anything like urgent repairing of car or paying any old dues. While there are many loans designed to meet these requirements, getting loans wherein the loan amount can be put to any use, personal loans can be the best option suited to you.

What is a personal loan?

Personal loans are the kind of loans offered by all the banks and the financial institutions and are one of the most popular ones in the current times. These are small loans offered for a fixed term and come with the flexibility of putting the loan amount to any use you deem correct. These loans are much better than the payday loans because they attract much lower interest rates as compared to the deadly payday loans. Qualifying for personal loans for bad credit is not as difficult as that of mortgage loans. Those with average financial status can easily qualify for the personal loans.

What is an interest?

Interest is the amount charged by the lender to the borrower for providing services related to lending money to borrower if they need them. Interest is the amount earned by the lender for providing money to borrowers. For giving loans, a contract is signed between the borrowers and lenders which includes all the details regarding the principal amount, rate of interest charged by lender, the repayment tenure and due dates and what obligations is to be bear by the borrowers if they fail to pay the loan amount to the lender.


For what purposes can the personal loans be used ?

Personal loans can be used for many small reasons which you can’t even imagine, like purchasing any electronics goods for your home or paying any old dues. There are many things for which you can take a personal loans but it is commonly used for paying down payment of the home loans, car loans, credit card loans, pay day loans, in case of any business expenditure and many more. Personal loans are easily available but you may face difficulties in getting them if your credit score is bad or below average. You may even get loan in spite of a bad credit score but you will be charged with a high interest rate against the loan amount. The repayment of the loan amount is done with fixed monthly installment which largely depends on the total time duration you are taking the loan for. The installment amount is affected only if you decrease or increase the duration of the loan. The interest amount is also added with the principal amount in the monthly installments.

Some types of personal loans:

Secured loan: These are the types of loan in which a borrower has to keep any of their assets as a security with the lender toward the loan amount they request for. In secured loan the loan amount you will qualify for will largely depend on the valuations of the assets you can pledge as collatral. Once you have repaid your loan amount as well as interest, your asset which was kept with the lenders as collateral toward the loan amount will be given back to you.

Unsecured loan:  These are the loans in which one is not required to pledge any collateral. Getting these loans can be a bit difficult for the higher risk faced by the lenders. However, with a higher interest rate that you will be charged on the unsecured loans, you cannot do anything about them.

Needs of personal loans:

Some of the reasons for which the personal loans can be used are as follows:

  • Renovating home
  • Financing a car
  • Financing a vacation
  • Removing previous debts

Benefits of personal loans:

  • It is easily available
  • Less interest rate charged
  • Improves credit score
  • Can be used to full fill any of the requirements

Dealing with the personal loans can be a lot easier when you know the details of their functioning and the way they can be useful to you.

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