Ideas for Business Gift Giving


Giving gifts to clients and potential clients is a great way to get and retain business. Gifts show that you appreciate their patronage of your business. Everyone likes feeling appreciated.

Jewelry and Accessories

You wouldn’t usually buy a client or colleague a diamond ring, but some jewelry and accessory items make for appropriate and appreciated gifts. For example, Blue Nile has nice cuff links, tie tacks and money clips, which make nice executive gifts. You might also consider engraved items, such as metal business card holders or even a pocket watch.

Thank You Notes

Sometimes, other than a material thing, the best gift is a simple thank you. Revive the art of sending thank you notes. Don’t just send an email or a text. Use an actual card, made from quality cardstock, with a handwritten note and signature.  Invest in a stamp and send it by snail mail. Many people feel that business has become cold, distant and computerized. That quaint, antiquated act of writing a thank you note may earn you a customer for life.  


Engraved pens with your logo or contact information is one of the most common forms of advertising. Their commonality means the pens are often lost or discarded without a feeling of loss. That pen’s changing of hands means that your advertising may reach multiple people. You may also choose to spend more and give someone a pen they will enjoy using. They will hold onto it and take care not to lose it. Therefore, your advertising will get seen every day.


You can give an individual bottle of wine to a client, or you can subscribe to services for wine giving. They have packages available that will send one or more bottles of wine to your clients on a set schedule. Perhaps you would like to send a bottle for the holidays and a client’s birthday. You can make up the gift cards in advance and schedule a delivery in time for special dates.

Free Products or Services

A good way to retain customers and to get customers to try new offerings is to give freebies. If you offer services, consider giving gift certificates for your offerings, when you think it might lead to more business. For example, if you owned a spa, you might give free manicures or massages, to get customers in the door. Or if you come out with a new type of product, give a sample that would lead to reorders.

Follow these tips and get creative. If you can, match your gift to what you know about the interests of your clients, just like you would do with a friend. The personal attention will earn you much goodwill with customers, which will earn you more money.

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