Gift Ideas for this Easter That Maybe You Never Thought of Before


Some people are good at buying gifts, for others it can be a real struggle. Weather it is because you have a mental block, or because the person you are buying for already has everything, we think we can help. Although Easter isn’t typically a gift giving holiday like Christmas, surprise your loved one this year with one of these gifts that maybe you never thought of before.


  • Delivery Flowers
    • You can call a local florist and ask for a typical arrangement, or you could visit and select one that you like yourself. They have a lot of custom arrangements and are incredibly efficient. We recommend ordering online!
  • Customized Mugs, towels, etc.
    • With the advancements in technology in recent years, you can literally get anything customized. Maybe you want to get specialty embroidered bath towels, or coffee mugs with the grandkids pictures on them for the grandparents, you can get almost anything custom printed or made online.
  • Spa Days
    • Everybody loves to get away every now and then. This would be a great gift to get for the busy moms that practically never have time for themselves. Find a local spa that offers a full treatment, and book a reservation, if you’re feeling generous make it for two and tell her to take a galpal. Pay for it on the spot including gratuity so that she has absolutely nothing to worry about when she arrives!
  • Guys Night
    • Just like every woman needs a day away, sometimes it’s nice for guys to get out also. Maybe look online for an upcoming concert of a band he likes or game for one of the local teams. Buy him a couple tickets and tell him to take the guys. Even if he invites you, decline and tell him they’re a gift!
  • Delivery Berries
    • Having delivery berries is  very similar to getting delivery flowers but it will most likely be more enjoyable as a couple…together. You can get online ahead of time and order a variety of chocolate dipped berries straight to your front door to enjoy later. It is really a great service.


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