Apps that Can Make Working from Home A Cinch


Around 3.9 million Americans work from home, according to The State of the Remote Job Marketplace report by FlexJobs. The trend is clearly popular in the rest of the world too, with over 70% of professionals working remotely at least one day a week, on a worldwide basis. If you have just set up your home office and you’d like to find new ways to work alongside others and meet challenging goals, consider relying on apps that have been developed to fulfill different needs required by remote working teams.


Slack for Team Communication

Slack is one of the most widely used ‘virtual offices’, where teams can communicate with others in group chats or in private messages. Slack can be used to communicate new rules, share documents, or simply discuss doubts and queries. It enables teams to create a number of different channels or ‘groups’, which can be used by different components of a team working on distinct parts of a project.

Zoom for Video Conferences

Zoom provides crisp video, reliable sound quality, and features such as screen sharing and annotations for ease of use. One of its coolest features is that only one person has to download it. Everyone else can click on the meeting link and start talking to others from their desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Top features include the ability to hold webinars, demos, tutorials, group or client meetings, screen sharing, content sharing, and more. Zoom comes with a cool touch screen, which brings appealing practicality into the equation.

FloQast for Money Management

If you work in accounting or similar services, managing finances through technology is key. Apps like FloWast are created by accountants for accountants, to help accounting teams work more quickly and efficiently. It integrates with your existing enterprise resource planning to automate tie outs, thus avoiding the many errors that can occur when you manually tick and tie. The app allows you review your checklists, review notes, documents and more on-screen. All information is stored on the Cloud, so you can access relevant files from home or indeed anywhere in the world.

Momentum for Concentration

One of the hardest aspects of remote working can be staying on track. Momentum is a fantastic browser extension that turns every new tab you open into a reminder of your main task for the day and how much time you have to get it done. If you are using Chrome, you can add Momentum to it in just a couple of clicks. The extension features beautiful imagery of nature and inspirational reminders. Currently, it has over three million users. Why not add yourself to the list and stay on track today?

Making the most of technology is key if you are working remotely or from home. Browser extensions like Momentum keep you on task, while apps like Slack ensure your queries are answered and your documents shared quickly and efficiently with the rest of the team. There are a plethora of additional apps depending on your industry, so research well into those that work best for you.

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