Income report for a Blog, October 2013

Hello there!! Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog¬†income report for October 2013! First of all…. it’s embarrassing but there is a silver lining to the pennies that were made! I have been inspired to create a blog and grow it into a passive income stream, eventually giving me the opportunity […]

Career goal example

  I have a couple of examples of career goal setting that I can share with you! One of them includes using my goal as a password and this really works a treat. If you focus on something enough you will find it! Have you ever bought a new car or an item of clothing […]

Best Internet Business To Start

So what is the best internet business to start? Is it a blog? Maybe an e-bay store? Hell sell some things you make on etsy! There are many options out there but what one is best for YOU? “Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life”, a quote that has […]

The Income has started….

Hello guys! Ok while I’m still in the small leagues I will celebrate every little success! This is what I do with my staff at work too! Today (so far) I have made ¬£1.47 from Adsense and $0.05 with info links! Yesterday I made my first $0.38 with info links but I didn’t report it. […]

Pride, A true father

I got home today exhausted from work, feeling rather normal, tired and ready for bed before I do it all over again the very next day in my grind to make money. I then stumbled across a video that gave me Goosebumps! I felt so much pride for the dad as he is showing raw […]

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